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Tooth Whitening in Nottingham

Tooth whitening is the most often requested and the most well-established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Grangewood Dental Practice in Nottingham are probably the only dental practice offering the most innovative whitening products Wy10 in Nottingham.

Wy10 from Wyten technologies with latest New Dynamic Diffusion Technology. Wy10 is the most advanced light and chemical activated teeth whitening system with the Wy10 activator making whitening more effective. For many years, Dr. Gill didn't recommend the in-office whitening systems because the technology wasn't yet proven to be entirely safe for the teeth and gums. However, tooth whitening systems have improved dramatically over the past few years and we are proud to offer the safest, most effective and convenient in-office tooth whitening system available - Wy10. See Wy10 for more details)

We are proud to be one of few Smile Studio Whitening centres which means we can offer the worlds most innovative whitening products in the world here in Nottingham.

We Offer a number of Whitening options :

  • In Practice Power Whitening
  • Take Home Personal Whitening
  • Or Both

In House Practice Power Whitening

Whitening your teeth is one of the simplest, safest ways to improve your smile and it's important to realise that the process involves no loss of tooth enamel. It's done with a safe chemical gel. The process is simple: We first separate the teeth from the rest of the mouth so the gel only touches the teeth. Then we use a powerful light to activate the gel, a gas is released to penetrate and whiten the tooth. This is usually done 4 times on the visit. The appointment lasts about 90 minutes.

Take Home / Personal Whitening

You can get as good results from using one of the 2 techniques below: Use the latest Get2SmileTM 'Laser' Home Whitening Kit Scientifically proven activator enhances stain removal efficacy. Purer form of peroxide encourages fast reaction. Gel formulation & optimal light energy enhance diffusion 5 shades whiter in 5 days Short wear time, 20 minutes twice a day Easy to use We create a custom- fit trays for your home use you wear the trays for an hour a day for a few weeks, (usually 2) and your smile will lighten as you continue to apply it.

How Much Tooth Whitening Cost?

Tooth Whitening (In office power whitening inc take home kit) £577.50
Tooth Whitening (Take home kit) £341.00

For more information about our whitening products visit Smile Studio or call to make an appointment at our Wollaton practice in Nottingham with Amarjit Gill on 0115 9281201