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Other Dental Services in Nottingham

At Smilesahead, Dr Amarjit Gill keeps uptodate with the latest dental techniques available, whilst its hard to list all treatments available at our practice in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire here are a few other dental services available to add to our general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry provided at Grangewood Dental Practice:

Cosmetic Contouring - Painless, Quick & local anaesthetic free to subtly reshape individual teeth and enhance your smile. The aim of contouring is to reshape a tooth to alter the size, length, position and shape. This can help fix teeth that are slightly damaged (cracked, chipped or crooked.

Gum Lifts - This is a great service enables us to re-balance the relation ship between the white of your teeth and the pink of your gums. This is particularly helpful to people who have large or uneven gums.

Sports Gum Shields - our sports shield ensures your smile is properly protected. Gum shields are an essential part of your sports kits for all contact sports.

Ensure your child is fitted with a gum shield before the start of the new term for contact sports such as Rugby and Hockey. Our gum shields can be made in different colours and we can add your childs name.

Periodontal Treatment - gum disease is one of the main reasons for premature tooth loss. Dr Gill and our Hygienist are fantastic in helping keep control of this common problem.

Nervous Patients - many people have developed a dental phobia after maybe a bad dental experience. Dr Amarjit Gill has patients coming to see if from Canada, South Africa and Europe to see him. When you find a dentist that can understand and elevate your concerns you ’re prepared to travel no matter what. Dr Gill has trained in hypnosis to help patients relax when coming to see the dentist.

Natural Looking Dentures - including Valplast dentures otherwise known as the flexible denture.

Fissure Sealing - is a very effective prevention technique which protects the tooth surface from decay. A clear liquid sealant is painted over the fissures of the molar and premolar teeth to prevent food being trapped and therefore stopping bacteria producing acid. Children and adolecents are more likely more vunerable and this treatment is recommeneded to help prevent tooth decay.

And much more

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