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Smile Trial in Nottingham

If you have Discoloured & stained teeth Teeth which have a slight gap between them Chipped teeth or broken teeth Crooked teeth perhaps you’ve considered fixing them. However are a little unsure what you would look like before you decide. The answer is a ‘Smile Trial with Amarjit Gill in Nottingham. We can build a temporary tooth surfaces that have the same ‘look and feel’ as permanent dental restorations. This enables you to:

  • Test drive the new feel of proposed dental treatment before making a commitment.
  • Be assured of dentists skills.
  • See what your friends and relatives think about the new look.
  • Have changes made easily until you are comfortable with the final result.
  • Be confident that the final permanent result will look exactly the same as the Smile Trial.
  • Revert easily to your original smile without harming the underlying tooth.

What is surprising is that no matter what the problem with your smile, there is a way to make it absolutely fantastic!


Book in for a smile makeover with Dr Amarjit Gill our Cosmetic Dentist at our practice in Nottingham.