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Smilesahead Comfort

Our philosophy at Smilesahead is that you should be able to receive dental care with the least amount of stress possible in a relaxed environment. If you ever need to have dental treatment, we feel that your teeth should look great and function normally without discomfort. As your cosmetic dentist in Nottingham, we believe less is more and where possible look at a minimal approach to get a look that our patients are happy with. Providing our patients with the highest quality dental care and delivering it in a painless way.

Your Smilesahead Dental Investment

Excellent dental care is an investment in time and money. Our treatment plans are designed to ensure our customer avoids more extensive dental work in the future. With our preventative approach to dentistry we educate our patients to look after their teeth and gums saving you time and money.

Smilesahead Dental Health

Dr Amarjit Gill speaks all over the world about the future of modern dentistry, with the speed that dentstry develops at our customers can be assured that we are more than aware of the advancements available in dentistry! This invaluable dental knowledge is teaching us that any disease present in your teeth and gums is not just isolated to your mouth, but can also effect other major organs. We believe that our customers need to know the implications of dental disease on your overall health. We will provide you with treatment that will improve your general health and our advice will help reduce the risk of many chronic or even fatal diseases.

Smile your Smilesahead

Modern dental technology has developed radically. Our practice, Grangewood Dental Practice in Nottiingham, has kept up to date with theses advancements in aesthetic dentistry changes offering our customers some of these advancements. There is no reason you can not have a beautiful smile that suits your personality, building self confidence and increasing your self esteem. Cosmetic dentistry at Smilesahead has changed the lives of many of our patients. Call us on 0115 9281201 to make an appointment with Dr Amarjit Gill