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Continual Professional Development (CPD)

ALL dentists have a statory obligation to keep upto date with regular continue professional development otherwise known as CPD. Dr Amarjit Gill adheres to the standards and rules set down by the General Dental Council for the dental profession. The GDC can be contacted at 37 Wimpole Street London W1G 8DQ t 0845 222 4141 e or Visit for further information.

The world of dentistry is continually changing with new exciting products and techniques. At Grangewood Dental Practice in Nottingham we pride ourself on keeping a head of the rest and exceed our mandatory cpd training hours so that we can bring all the latest techniques and materials to our patients. Our CPD ensures we are compliant with our CQC commitments to outcome 16

We have introduced many new developments into our practice including tooth whitening, prevention, cosmetic dentistry, digital xrays and much more. Our latest technological addition is Periowave ……. All discovered through continual professional development meetings world wide.

Dr Amarjit Gill is a member of many of the dental associations including the British Dental Association - BDA and attends numerous seminars throughout the year on the latest dental techiniques. In particular those new techniques relating to cosmetic dentistry developed to make the most of your smile. Dr Amarjit Gill is a renowned lecturer, lecturing not only in the UK, but also America, China, and the Caribbean. With this international travel he brings back the latest knowledge, dental techniques and materials from around the world.


Some of the CPD Courses attended in 2012 by Amarjit Gill:

  • May 2012 BDA Conference and Exhibition
  • March 2012 Mastering Adverse Outcomes
  • March 2012 Dentistry Show
  • March 2012 Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation: The bigger picture
  • March 2012 Mini Dental Implant Solutions for GDP
  • February 2012 MSc Programmes with Supervised Dental Clinical Training, Developing Chairside Teaching and Supervision - Univercity of Warwick
  • February 2012 Geriatric Dentistry
  • February 2012 Mind the gap: Replacing Mising Anterior Teeth
  • January 2012 Impresson Techniques for Complete Dentures

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Dr Amarjit Gill GDC Registration number 55640