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Dr Amarjit Gill at Smilesahead here in Nottingham are commited to providing our patients with the highest level of cosmetic, preventative and general dentistry. This promise to our patients means we will provide the best customer care. After all our treatment it is important that our patients feel confident with the treatment they have received and understand how to look after their mouths after each dental procedure

Below is aftercare advise for some dental procedures received at Grangewood Dental Practice from Dr Amarjit Gill. If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tooth Whitening After Care Advice

Dr Amarjit Gill in house tooth whitening there are few problems which may cause discomfort, with the exception of sensativity which is temporary.

For home tooth whitening, ensure you follow the information given in the pack, be mindful of:

  • Avoid fruit juices and citrus foods, as these may contribute to sensitivity, during teeth whitening.
  • For any sensitivity, use sensodyn toothpaste to minimise any discomfort. Brush with Sensodyne toothpaste during the teeth whitening treatment.
  • Whilst teeth whitening, try to minimize the intake of tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, tobacco and red wines, as these substances can cause staining.
  • Overloading the whitening trays with gel will cause the trays to overflow and may cause some gum irritation.
  • if you have any further questions contact Grangewood Dental Practice.

Extraction After Care Advice for Smilesahead

Extracting a tooth is always a last resort . Your teeth are precious and nothing is as good as the real thing . However, if you do have to have a tooth removed , immediately after the extraction, the wound should be left to settle so that a blood clot can form in the socket . In order to ensure this you should:

the same day

  • Avoid exercise , alcohol and cigarettes
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth with mouthwashes as a blood clot needs to form
  • Avoid food and drink that is very hot or cold. If you experience any bleeding, bite hard on tightly packed cotton gauze for 10 minutes whilst sitting upright and still

the following day

Gently rinse the area using a warm salt water mouthwash for 30 seconds, three times a day. (Avoid vigorous rinsing, this may cause the blood clot in the socket to disperse and it will take longer to heal).

The risk of infection in a wound in the mouth is quite high and not uncommon. If you experience any aching, throbbing, or swelling in this area some days after an extraction, do not worry, but please contact the practice. If the area has become infected you may need a prescription for antibiotics or painkillers.


In case you experience a dental emergency please telephone ahead. We will always see you within 24 hours and in the majority of cased the same day. Outside normal hours please ring our answer-phone which will give you the telephone number you require for emergency treatment.

For further information contact Grangewood Dental Practice at out Nottingham practice to make an appointment on 0115 9281201

Toothache Help

Toothache is one of the worst types of pain to experience. So any help to stop it his very much appreciated. Here at Grangewood Dental Practice we advise our patients on how to look after their teeth so hopefully some of the reasons for toothache are eliminated.

Toothache can be caused from a number of reasons:

Broken Tooth, will evidently cause discomfort and it's best to see Dr Amarjit Gill to repair the tooth. If you are on holiday or unable to get to the practice. A temporary filling material can be obtained from Boots the Chemist. For any pain Nurofen, Ibrufen or asprin are the best form of pain relief for most toothache. Soluable form of these medicines will ensure it is effective faster. Follow the manufactures instructions for taking medicines.

Tooth Decay, a hole in the tooth left untreated can lead to a number of complications. These could include the tooth breaking and or an abcess. For this reason it is important to make an apppointment with Dr Amarjit Gill at Grangewood Dental Practice Nottingham. The pain relief detailed above can be taken for pain

Tooth ache can be related to the Joints / Muscles. This is usually caused by grinding the teeth or clenching. Usually most patients are not even aware they do this, as it is a sub conscious behavior, sometimes happening when the patient is sleeping. Here at Grangewood Dental Practice we are able to eliviate the problems caused by tooth grinding or clenching. Call Grangewood Dental Practice to make an appointment with Dr Amarjit Gill

Sinuses can cause toothache. A sinus infection or an allergie can be identified by pain in all the teeth in the upper arch. Book an appointment with Dr Amarjit Gill to ensure that this type of toothache is correctly identified and the appropriate treatment or referal is made.

Gum disease can cause pain from receding, bleeding, sore, infected gums. The gum recession can cause extreme sensitivity and there could even be a build up of plaque which may cause iritation, discomfort or tooth ache. Dr Amarjit Gill is a preventative dentist.

Post Operative pain, this is pain that you may feel after treatment. Some dental procedures may cause sensativity or discomfort for a short while after treatment. Treatments such as root canal treatment, after a tooth extraction, or after a deep scale and polish. Dr Amarjit Gill will advise you that these effects are a temporary effect and will feel better by following the advise he gives you.

Wisdom Teeth, unfortunately these late arriving teeth can cuse discomfort as they erupt. These teeth can get gum infections and tooth decay due to their position in the mouth and the difficulty in keeping them clean. Mostly no treatment is required, as long as the area is kept clean. Occasionally these become impacted which means there is no space for them to come through. This is monitored through regular dental examinations.

Just a few resources that we think you'll find helpful our practice in Nottingham is close to all major routes from Derby, Leicester if you have toothache contact Grangewood Dental Practice to make an appointment with Dr Amarjit Gill




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